New Year’s Resolutions for Good Dental Hygiene

dental hygiene

As another holiday season successfully comes to a close, many Americans still opt to make annual resolutions. The major goal-makers still focus on money, weight, fitness, and other personal improvement options. Unfortunately, most of those resolutions never reach completion and that’s more often than not due to the time, money or effort involved and required in the process. After all, Americans have a love affair with instant gratification and if results aren’t seen quickly, early acceptance of failure sets in. Fortunately, you can easily reach some self-improvement resolutions this year by implementing holistic dental care for better teeth and good dental hygiene. But what are some of the easiest and most effective steps to take towards reaching those new goals?

Get New Supplies

Mass produced brand name toothpaste works well for cleaning the teeth when used properly, but it can also cause unnecessary harm. Excess fluoride and chemicals can weaken the enamel, inflame tissue, and lose its effect over time. Brushing with an old, hard, or wrong type of toothbrush can also cause extra damage or lead to trouble down the road. Tooth powder or tooth serums can whiten teeth, strengthen enamel, promote healthy gums, and fight inflammation without the addition of extra chemicals and fillers. If you still need a paste, try a clay toothpaste. And as for brushing, opting to use an electric toothbrush can be a game changer since the rotary heads are designed to gently clean each tooth, remove more plaque, and massage the gums with less effort than traditional brushing.

Improve Your Diet

This sounds like a no-brainer since many Americans who make resolutions already have weight or health goals. But you don’t have to lose 50 pounds to make a significant improvement in your dental health. Simply improve your diet by cutting out some processed foods, limiting sweets, and increasing the amounts of raw and organic foods. You don’t have to switch to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle to see improvements in your health. But increasing natural fruits and vegetables while replacing sugary beverages with more water will do wonders to help you reach those resolutions.

Replace Your Fillings

Holistic dental care focuses on a whole-body approach to dentistry while using biocompatible materials that won’t cause the body any unnecessary harm. As such, amalgam fillings are not used. Instead, tooth-colored composite resin fillings are applied. While the ADA has insisted amalgams are safe, the truth is silver fillings contain up to 55% elemental mercury. Excessive amounts of mercury in any form can be toxic, and if the mercury released by dental fillings can cause damage to the environment, just imagine what it can do to the human body while ingested for years.

Visit Your Fort Lauderdale Holistic Dentist

Many bodily conditions and diseases begin with oral health or mouth symptoms. Traditional dentistry focuses on treating the symptom while holistic dentistry focuses on the root cause. That’s what makes holistic dental care a biocompatible, mouth-body practice. Visiting your Fort Lauderdale holistic dentist twice a year can reduce your toxins and improve your quality of life. Give us a call when you’re ready to kick your dental care up a notch.