10 Best Mobile Apps for Student Nurses and Medical Assistants

The Best Apps for Student Nurses and Medical Assistants

Medical Assistants students who are participating in online allied health education courses need to use the most efficient methods to study. Mobile apps now make studying for a nursing degree online much easier than it was a few years back. Several apps are now available to aid your memory, speed up your assimilation and present medical information with stunning graphics and animations. Even if you are studying for a medical assistant degree online, you should carefully review this list of valuable mobile apps.

1. Med Mnemonics
This app provides a list of many effective study aides in a very simple format. One of the most useful aides to studying is mnemonics. This mobile app provides mnemonics that help you to easily remember the vast amount of details and facts that are delivered to you during your training.

2. Anesthesia Drugs: Fast
If you are studying anesthesia, you would have realized that the difference between the correct dosage and the wrong one is a matter of life or death. So if you are working towards becoming a nurse anesthetist, you should use this app to calculate drug dosages. All you need to do is enter a body weight and you will get the correct dose for several popular anesthesia drugs.

3. Color Atlas of Family Medicine
This mobile app gives you full color pictures of common medical conditions including skin conditions and several other external symptoms. It helps you to quickly identify the type of ailment that a patient has since you can compare what you see with the high resolution multimedia presentations.

4. Symptomia
Symptomia is another mobile app that enables you to type in a symptom and get all the probable diseases that show that symptom. It has vital information on common symptoms like coughing, vertigo and distention. This helps you to be able to quickly learn all the diseases that are associated with a particular type of symptom.

5. Pocket Body
Memorizing all the names of muscles and bones in the human body can be quite challenging for most nursing students. But with this mobile app, you can easily study, memorize and revise all the names and structures you desire, especially when you are preparing for a test.

6. Davis Mobile NCLEX – RN Med Surg.
While you are studying for your board exams, you need to make efficient use of every minute of your day. This app helps you to do that. You can use it to study while hanging out in between classes, waiting for a bus, or waiting to use the treadmill at the gym.

7. NCLEX – PN Exam Prep by UM
All students preparing for the qualifying exams for Licensed Practical Nurses will find this app very helpful. It has a well designed curriculum that contains 500 questions to help you study and pass the exams.

8. Human Atlas
This mobile app makes the study of human anatomy easier, faster and more enjoyable. It has a huge library of illustrations, animations and 3-dimensional rotating body systems. This stunning app is currently available for Android users.

9. Heart Murmur Pro
If you are learning to use the stethoscope, you will need to know the sounds that are very important when you are listening to the heart. This powerful app contains a database of heart sounds including both common and uncommon sounds so you can easily identify them.

10. Epocrates
Epocrates is an essential drug reference. It helps you to develop a working memory of different drugs and the interactions that can take place while you are taking care of a patient. You can start using the free version while you are studying and then switch to the more comprehensive premium version after graduation.