The Best Healthcare Jobs for Retirees

Best Healthcare Jobs for Retirees

Baby boomers are the generation that really does believe age is nothing but a number. Thanks to active lifestyles and medical advances, baby boomers intend to continue to play and work longer than any previous generation. Nearly half of baby boomers say that they will continue to keep working until at least age 66, according to a recent Gallup poll. One in 10 baby boomers say they never intend to give up working.

Why Retirees Expect to Continue Working
Part of this is a desire to continue contribute, stay active and because they simply enjoy their jobs. However, another reason is financial. Because of the 2007 Global Financial Crisis (GFC), many baby boomers are facing retirement with far less saved than expected. To supplement their income many retirees are considering at least part-time work.

Job Opportunities in the Health Care Industry
For retirees looking for work, some of the best opportunities can be found in the health care industry. This is largely because of the same demographic trends which are seeing more people working in retirement… namely, the huge number of baby boomers entering their golden years. It is estimated that over the coming decades an incredible 10,000 people will cross the 65-year-old threshold every single day. This will create a huge demand for medical care services.

Advantages of Working in Health Care
The advantages of working in health care for retirees go beyond simply the fact that these jobs are in demand and tend to pay relatively well. There are also some other key reasons why retirees may want to consider taking a job in this industry. First, many of the educational requirements for health care jobs can now be meet through online training courses. This is very useful for people who are already engaged in full time work or who may feel uncomfortable in a class room setting with younger students. An online associate degree or diploma can be earned relatively quickly and from the comfort of one’s own home.

Second, retirees are closer in age to the patient that they will be working with. This makes it easier for them to relate to them and communicate effectively. Third, many healthcare jobs can be worked part-time which make them suitable for retirees who may not want a full-time job in an office. Finally, working in healthcare is an opportunity to do work that really helps people. This makes it perfect for retirees looking for meaningful work.

Types of Jobs in the Healthcare Industry
There are a wide range of job opportunities in the health care industry for retirees. In fact there are hundreds of different areas in which retirees can specialize. Included among these are massage therapists, school nurses, and medical coding specialists.

For retirees looking to continue work the home health care industry is one of the best places to look. The demand for health care workers of all types will rise in the coming years due to the aging population. There are also a huge number of different jobs, many with flexible working hours, which means that there is likely to be something appropriate for any retiree.