Online education is starting point for second career.

Online education is starting point for second career.

With the popularity and practicality of online education, it is not surprising that more and more people are ditching their old careers in search of that one career that they really love. In fact, as far back as 2009, studies like Learning on Demand: Online Education in the United States revealed a 17 percent increase in online students from 2007 to 2008, and this number has no doubt increased today. Distance learning is not only a way to begin a career. It is also one of the ways to jump from one line of work to a new one, especially if you have been looking for that one job that allows you to do what you love while you earn at the same time. Nursing and allied health care careers are especially popular because of the increased demand for allied health professionals. Here are five reasons why more and more people are starting their second careers with online degrees.

1. Online programs are flexible and convenient.
Online programs can be completed from the comfort of home. Of course, nursing and health care degrees will require students to show up in the laboratory for graded demonstrations and practicums, but the bulk of the learning is done online. This is very convenient for those who want to study from home or who live too far from the nearest university or college. This is also one of the reasons why those who want second careers can finally work on making the big switch without having to quit their day jobs. Those who have jobs can still work full time while taking the distance learning course in their free time.

2. Online degrees are reliable and now widely accepted by most employers all over the world.
Unlike in the past when online degrees were frowned upon by employers and students alike, online degrees now have a reputation as coming from reputable schools. Many established schools now have online programs which are administered with the same kind of discipline as traditional programs. This means that graduates of online programs are as skilled and as capable as graduates of traditional classroom education.

3. Online education is less costly than traditional education.
When it comes to expense and costs, online degrees trump conventional education. Students who would have otherwise paid for college or apartment rentals can take the class from home, eliminating this expense. The need to commute to and from school is also eliminated when you earn a degree online, so students get to save on commuting expenses.

4. Online degrees are varied to support a variety of careers.
There is now an ever widening array of online degrees to choose from. Degrees are no longer limited to obscure or unusable programs in the arts and humanities. Science and health degrees now abound and are being offered by large, reputable schools. Online education is starting point for second career.

5. Online degrees allow for individual and customized pacing for optimum learning.
People who want to earn another degree so that they can switch to another career can take advantage of the personalized pacing of online degrees. Students can learn at their own pace. They can take exams when ready and the schedules for studies, conferences and exams are also flexible, which helps better learning.

These are just some of the reasons why distance learning is such an attractive starting point for a second career. Whether it is in the arts or the allied health sciences, an online education program can help students attain their degrees with more convenience and at a lesser cost compared to traditional education.  Online education is a starting point for second career.